SriHari –  Etiquettes and House Rules

Our Business Centre is a place where professionals like qualified consultants, senior executives, competent freelancers, independent professionals, entrepreneurs and start-up entrepreneurs work as a community. In order to nurture a vibrant, collaborative and professional culture among this community, we have put in place the following rules and etiquettes to be followed by everyone who use our centre for their business purposes.

Respect Everyone and Everything

Treat the space and other members with respect. If nothing else, it will make your life easier.

Clean up

You work in a shared space.  Clean up your cabin or work desk and other common places in the centre that you use including toilets, cafeteria, meeting rooms and breakout zones.  Avoid littering and do ensure that the waste is deposited in dustbins provided inside the premises.

Do Not Disrupt Others

Maintain silence in the Centre.  While you are at work, please also ensure that your working style and behaviour does not cause disruption or annoyance to others.  Networking, socializing, idea sharing and partnering are encouraged but strictly desist from canvassing, soliciting and peddling and always respect every member’s right to a peaceful work environment.


We provide secure and hi-speed internet access with built-in redundancy to ensure maximum possible connectivity with minimal disruption. The internet access provided is to be used by the members only for legitimate and professional purposes.  Internet in our work centre is not to be used for downloading or streaming media or torrents for entertainment, accessing adult and illegal content, extensive marketing and promotions, illegal software piracy etc. Any such activity can result in disruptions and can lead to the termination of your membership. We also have a fair use policy to ensure rational distribution of internet connectivity for all members in our work centre.

Printing and Equipment Usage

While we encourage our members to go paperless, any printouts you take shall be on chargeable basis. Unnecessary printing is not only a waste of money but is also highly environment-unfriendly and therefore can be avoided.

Use of Centre’s Properties

Members must exercise utmost caution while using the equipment, furniture, fittings and other properties of the centre and shall be solely liable for breakage, damage or malfunction/non-function of any properties that may occur after they have used it.  Depending on the nature of the damage, the concerned member shall either pay for its replacement or repair. Members are not allowed to alter, modify or repair any of the centre’s properties.


Use all amenities and resources (electricity, water etc) responsibly. If you are the last person to leave a cabin, room and/or a workspace, please do remember to turn off the lights and A/C.   This helps in conserving energy, reduce our carbon footprint and make a positive contribution to the environment. We owe this to our Mother Earth.


Use of audio / video recorders, spy equipment such as hidden / camouflaged cameras are strictly prohibited within the Centre Premises.  Please ensure that neither you nor any of your employees, colleagues, guests or invitees bring such items into the Centre.

Phone-Mobile Calls / Chats / Music

Keep your mobiles on silent mode or on vibrate. While using your phone or mobile or chats, please ensure that you keep a low voice or step out to a quiet corner to take the calls. If it is going to be a long conversation, you should use the breakout zones reserved for that.   In case you wish to listen to music/songs, please do use a headphone. Respect other members in the centre and try not to disrupt their work.

Meeting / Conference Rooms

To use the meeting and conference rooms available in the centre, kindly do an advance booking with the Centre Head. If there are no reservations at a given time, the rooms shall be made available on a ‘first come first served’ basis.


You are responsible for your guests/visitors.  The rules that apply for you apply for them too. Your guests / visitors are not allowed to occupy or use the workspace seats or provided WiFi access.  If you have booked a meeting / conference room, then your guests will be allowed WiFi access for one device for the duration of your booking free of cost.

Eating, Food and Dishes

You are allowed to take food, beverages and small snacks at your desk. But please ensure that you clean up the space and dishes once you are done.  We request you not to leave dishes on your desk, storage draws or the office overnight.

Standard Working Hours

SriHari’s standard working hours are clearly mentioned in our website and our agreements with you. If you need to use your workspace in the Centre outside of these hours or on holidays, you need to inform our Centre Head and make the requisite additional payment in advance so that we can process the authorization for such access and ensure the timely availability of the space, which may or may not be available.  Accessing your workspace in the centre during off-hours / holidays without prior authorization from us is strictly prohibited.  Security Staff and electronic systems in the Centre have instructions to not allow anyone during off-hours / holidays without authorization.


At SriHari, housekeeping services are conducted on everyday basis in the morning.  You can always use your workspace while the housekeepers are doing their work but please cooperate with them to clean up your space and the surroundings by moving out of your workspace for a little time for them to complete their work.


Please support us to ensure the safety and hygiene of the Centre. Don’t do anything that may compromise the security of the space such as propping open a door, giving someone your fob or member code or letting someone into the Centre unless they are members themselves or an accompanied guest.  If you have difficulties with any of the members, please do not hesitate to speak to our Centre Head.

Entrance and Exit

Members shall not leave open any doors during or after business hours for security purposes and doing so will be at the member’s own risk.  Corridors, halls, elevators, staircases and all other common spaces shall not be obstructed by members or used for any purpose other than egress and ingress.


All services provided by the Centre are on an ‘As-is Basis’ without any claims of uptime/downtime. Management is not responsible for disruption to work caused by downtime of air-conditioning, Wifi or any other service. Management is not responsible for and offers no assurance regarding the security of personal effects

Space Allocation

Allocation of space and type, whether it is a private cabin or co-working space or meeting rooms or virtual office, are done based on availability and at our sole discretion.  SriHari reserves the right to accept or reject member requests for space without assigning any reason whatsoever.

Attire and Conduct

All members and their guests shall wear proper attire while using or visiting the Centre and shall conduct themselves in a business-like manner adhering to established decorum.


Our Business Centre is intended to be used exclusively for office use. Therefore, members must not use the Centre for manufacturing or storage of merchandise except as such storage may be incidental to general office purposes.  Other than a personal computer (Laptop or Desktop), members shall not use any other large business machines, reproduction equipment, heating equipment, stove, radio, stereo, refrigerators, boiler or coffee equipment.  Besides, members shall not bring articles that are deemed to be hazardous on account of fire or any explosives to the Centre.  Members shall not also bring pets to the centre.

Members’ Properties

Properties belonging to the members, their guests, employees or business partners may be brought into the Centre at their own risk and the Centre shall not be liable for damages thereto or for theft or misappropriation thereof.  Though the Centre may provide storage facility to members, we do not guarantee the safety of their possessions kept inside the centre.

Smoking and Drinking

Smoking, drinking, usage of betel leaves / nuts and other intoxicants are strictly prohibited inside the Centre at all times and access to the Centre shall be refused to members who violate this condition.

Pay-As-You-Use Services

Certain services are provided by the Centre on a “Pay-as-you-Use’ basis and the same shall be charged at additional charges fixed by the Centre from time to time. These services including, amongst others, secretarial assistance, runner boys, pickup and drops and cafeteria are subject to the availability of the Centre Staff at the time of any service request. While the Centre shall endeavour to fulfil the service request at the earliest, it shall not be held responsible for any delay or non-availability.

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