What are the different ‘workspace plans’ available?        

Our ‘workspace plans’ include dedicated workstations and hot desks (coworking space), private cabins, conference rooms and meeting rooms.

When can I start using my workspace at the Centre?

SriHari Business Centre is a ready-to-use work space.  You can immediately start using your work space once you sign up, submit the requisite documents and make the required payment.

Can I bring my computer to work?

Yes, You can.  We enable system and internet connectivity on each and every workstation we provide.  You have to just plug in your computer and start working.

How fast is your internet bandwidth?

We provide a secured 150-Mbps speed to all our clients in the business centre.

Can I bring my own chair and furniture?

No. That’s not allowed.  SriHari Coworking Space in Chennai is well-furnished and you may not need to bring your own stuff.

How do you ensure safety in your coworking space?

Our Coworking space in Chennai is equipped with robust security systems and is located in a main spot. Hence safety is not an issue. Besides, access to the centre is only through biometric system and we have advanced electronic (CC TV) surveillance systems in place for continuous monitoring of the premises.

Is there any set-up cost to be paid?

No. We do not charge any set-up fee.  You only need to pay the initial deposit and monthly fees.  Initial deposit shall be an amount equivalent to 2-months’ fee (based on the ‘Space Plan’ you choose) at the time of signing the agreement.

Do you provide power backup?

Yes. We provide limited power backup to make sure that work interruptions are minimized to the maximum extent possible.

Is your centre located in a business-friendly place?

Yes. SriHari Business Centre is located in Kodambakkam, Chennai.  It is a vibrant business hub that is very close to other important city spots and locations and is also well-connected. Please click here to know more.

Why should I choose a shared office space at SriHari?

A shared office space is one of the smartest ways of managing your investment risks and infrastructural challenges.  Your advantage with SriHari Coworking Space in Chennai is that you incur no capital investments in setting up an office and related infrastructure.  Our business centre is fully furnished and full-fledged in terms of all business-related facilities such as reception services, hi-speed internet connection, phones and intercoms, free outgoing local calls, conference-meeting rooms, trained support staff, housekeeping, utility management etc.  At the same time, there are no long-term lock-ins and you only pay for what you use.   Besides, our work centre is located in a prime business location. Click here to know more about the location.

Your business space becomes operational in an instant. Just walk-in, pay the deposit and your office is operational the next moment.

What is the minimum office space you offer at your business centre?

There are no such norms. You can even book a single work desk.  As your business grows, you are free to book more work desks or private cabins based on your requirements, subject to availability. Regardless of the number of desks you book, we do not charge you anything other than the monthly fees and initial deposits.

Can I have my own telephone connection?

No. We do not allow customers to have their own landline connections.  However, you can use our fixed phones for making free outgoing local calls.

Can I make STD and ISD calls from the phone connection provided at my desk?

Not from your desk phone. Instead, you can inform our reception about your call requirements and they will make the connection. Additional charges apply for ISD calls.

Can I use the phone and internet connection provided by the centre for marketing activities?

No. We do not allow the centre phones and internet connection to be used for any marketing activities such as tele-calling, sending mass mailers, mass SMS etc since this may create trouble / interruptions for other clients using our workspace.

However, you are free to use your own mobile phones and private internet connections (data cards) for such marketing activities.

What if my workspace requirements change?

No worries.  We can accommodate your changing needs at short notice.  You can add or reduce the number of work desks you require as per your requirements. You only pay for the number of work desks you use.

Should I bring my own office equipment?

You don’t have to.  SriHari Business Centre is a fully equipped office with all the basic business equipment in place.

Can I use my workspace late at night, on weekends and holidays?

Our standard working hours are between 9.30 am and 8.00 pm excepting Sundays and holidays.  You can use your work space in the Centre outside of these hours or on weekends / holidays by making the requisite additional payment in advance and taking prior authorization.

What is the minimum and maximum tenure / term for booking?

Your service agreement with SriHari Enterprise starts from a minimum term of 2 months which can go up to 12 months and can be renewed thereafter on mutual consent.

How about increases in price and fees?

Generally, increases happen once in a year.  While we put our best efforts to offer you competitive prices, frequency of increase in our fees and other service charges entirely depends on the market conditions.

What are the other facilities I can use in the Centre?

As per our “Service Agreement”, you have free access to all the common facilities in our business centre including reception, restrooms,  breakout zones and LCD TVs for news updates.  We offer very reasonable rates for the use of our conference and meeting rooms.

Can I avail special services on request?

In case of any specific requests, we will try our best to give you a personalized experience by fulfilling the request.

Are there any legal formalities involved in hiring a share office space?

That’s the best part of hiring shared offices. There are no complex legal formalities.  Just sign up a simple and standard ‘Service Agreement‘ with us and you are good to go.

What is the maximum tenure / term for which I can hire a shared office at your centre?

The maximum tenure for which you can sign up is one year. However, you can renew your contract every year and use our workspace as long as you wish to.

Can I physically inspect / check your work centre before booking?

We actually encourage that.  You are always welcome to visit our centre anytime during the working hours and our admin team will take you through a tour of the office. To book an appointment, please call +91-44-24811660 | 97899 06687.

Do you have meeting / conference rooms in the work centre?

You don’t need to look for any other venue to hold your business meetings. We have a well equipped 10-seater conference room within our business centre and we offer them to our in-house clients at discounted rates. For more information, kindly contact us at +91-44-24811660 | 97899 06687.

What happens to my incoming calls, visitors and mails once I exit the shared office?

You have the option of using our ‘Post-Exit’ plan and maintain your business continuity. Talk to us for more details.

What is the fees for using your shared office?

We have different ‘Workspace Plans’ for different requirements and budgets.  We charge on a per person basis and the fee depends on the number of work desks you book and the duration of your stay. No hidden costs and no ambiguity.  Your monthly invoices will contain all the details.  Please click here for plan details.

How should I make the payment?

You can pay through credit cards, debit cards or by way of cheques and demand drafts.  All payments are to be made in advance.

Do you provide food items in the centre?

No. We do not provide any food items in-house.  However, you can inform our personnel (runner boys) about your requirements and they will arrange for snacks that are available near our location. Standards snack items such as tea, coffee, biscuits, puffs etc can be arranged at very short notice. Our runner boys can also get you quality meals from hotels nearby.  All these items shall be charged at actuals.

Do your provide parking spaces for bikes and cars?

We provide open parking space for bikes. For cars, you may have to use nearby public parking spaces, if available.

What facilities are offered on my work desk?

All work desks come with 1 intercom, internet (ethernet) connection and electrical socket. You can use the intercom to also make external calls. All outgoing local calls are free (Telemarketing not allowed).

Can I use the business centre’s address on my business card?

Yes. You can use the address not only on your business cards but also on your website and all marketing collaterals.

Will I be informed about mails and couriers?

We can either forward your mails / packages to the address you give us or we can keep it safe for you to collect it yourself later.  Courier expenses for the same will be charged at actuals.

Can I meet my customers at your centre?

No worries!   You can book a meeting room at our Centre (subject to availability) and meet your customers there.  Our meeting rooms come with secure internet connectivity, phones and scribbling pads. Our reception team will greet your customers and walk them to the meeting room.

Can I put up our ‘brand’ material in the hired space?

Yes.  For private cabins, you must ensure that the material are floor-standing independent ones and do not require wall mounting.  For co-working space, the branding material should be confined to your work desk. Please talk to our ‘Centre Head’ regarding this.

Can my messages be handled when I am travelling?

Based on specific instructions from your end, we can receive and give instructions on your behalf. This comes under reception services and is part of the plan if you choose ‘Private Cabins’ or Co-working Spaces.  Please speak to our ‘Centre Head’ for more details.

Do you have any other branches in Chennai or outside?

No. At present, we have only one business centre in Chennai and do not have branches anywhere else.

What type of meeting and conference rooms you provide?

We offer compact meeting rooms that can accommodate 2 people at a time.  These meeting rooms can be used to hold private discussions with clients, employees, vendors, conducting interviews etc.   With respect to conference room, we have a 10-seater facility.

How do I reserve a meeting room at SriHari Work Centre?

Meeting / conference rooms are allotted on a ‘first come first served’ basis.  Bookings are accepted based on availability and against payment.  Please contact our Centre Head at +91 97899 06687 (or) [email protected].

What facilities are available in your meeting and conference rooms?

Our meeting rooms are equipped with high-speed internet connectivity, phone, whiteboards, scribbling pads etc. Projectors can be arranged against request.

What is pricing structure for your meeting and conference rooms?

Meeting and conference rooms are booked on a full-day basis.  You can also book for multiple days and you pay only for the days you use.   All payments are to be made in advance. Please click here for more details.

Can I cancel a reservation made for meeting / conference rooms?

If your meeting or event is cancelled and you notify us 48 hours in advance, you will get a refund of 50% of your payment.  Cancellation requests will not be allowed beyond this period and the entire payment made will be forfeited.

What if there is bad weather or an emergency?

In the event of our work centre remaining closed due to inclement weather or any other emergency, meetings scheduled for that day will be cancelled. You can either reschedule your meetings or take refund of the payment made.

What if I exceed the time limit of bookings for the meeting room?

We generally provide a grace time of 15 minutes more than the booked time. Beyond this, we charge on an hourly basis.

Do I have to book a meeting room in advance?

No hard and fast rules here. It all depends on the availability of the meeting rooms. If a meeting room is available, you can make the requisite payment and immediately start using it.

Do you have conference rooms in your work centre?

Yes. We have a single conference room in our work centre.  Click here to know the charges.

Do I have the option of changing the arrangement of my office?

Scope for that is very minimal. However, if viable we can explore that option.  Please talk to our ‘Centre Head’ regarding this.

What is the size of the work desks you provide?

Our work desks, by and large, come in two sizes. Ie., size of work desks in the private cabins is 3 ft x 2 ft and size of work desks in the co-working space is 3 ft x 1.5 ft.   Please share your requirements for us to suggest you the right solution.

Can I use your business centre address for statutory registrations?

We do not allow our address to be used for ROC, GST or any other statutory registrations.  Since it is a business centre that caters to multiple customers who run their businesses from this place, any statutory obligations or issues that arise out of non-compliance of one customer can adversely affect all our other clients.

Is there any backup option for the internet in case the main line is not working?

Yes.  We can provide you with data cards to continue your work uninterrupted.

Do you provide IT support for the equipment I bring?

We give support services for the internet connection that we provide you.  For maintenance services related to your laptops and desktops, we can connect you with local service providers directly.

Do you provide desktops, laptops and printers?

We only provide printers and photocopiers that are centrally connected to our network.  You can use these devices on a pay-per-use basis.  For other IT devices, we can connect you to local vendors.

Can I have my own support staff (assistants, runners)?

Having your own support staff on a full-time basis will be very expensive and defeats the very purpose of hiring shared office spaces.  Besides, at our business centre, we provide all business support services and you can use it on a pay-per-use basis.

Is there a waiting lounge where I can meet my guests?

There is a common waiting space for guests at the Reception Area where you can meet your guests for short meetings and courtesy calls.   For long meetings, you can also hire a meeting room from us against additional payment.

What are your guest management practices?

Our reception personnel will receive your guest/s on arrival. On completion of security checks, the guests will be requested to wait at the lounge and you will be informed about the same.  In case you have a private cabin in our Centre, you can take them there for discussions. If you are using a co-working space, then you need to either use the reception area or hire a meeting room for discussions.   Guests are not allowed into the co-working space.

Is your business centre centrally air-conditioned?

Technically no.  Our centre is not centrally air-conditioned.  However, we have installed split ACs in all the rooms and co-working spaces.

What is the notice period for vacating the office / work space?

Regardless of the tenure you book, the notice period shall be 60 days.  Please check our Termination Clause (5.0) in the Service Agreement for more details.

What are the processes / procedures involved in booking a shared office?

If you are booking the ‘work space’ in your personal name, you will have to share details / photocopies of your Aadhar Card and PAN Card. In case you are booking the ‘work space’ in your company’s name, then you need to also submit details regarding your company credentials, based on the nature of your company (Proprietorship, Partnership, Pvt Ltd etc)

When do I pay my fees and other service charges?

The fee has to be paid in advance.  You will receive your invoice by 25th of every month for the subsequent month’s fee.  You need to pay the fee on or before 1st of the subsequent month.

Fees for meeting and conference rooms will have to be paid in advance before you start using the facility.

Can I give you a bank guarantee instead of security deposit?

No. We do not accept bank guarantees in the place of security deposits.

Can we have lunch / food at our work desks?

Yes, you are allowed. But you must ensure that your desk is fully cleaned up once you are done with your lunch / food. Please click here to know more.

How quickly can I get started once I book a work space with you?

Instantly. And we mean it.   Submit the requisite documents, sign a simple agreement, make the payment and your business is up and running.


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And gift yourself a productive workday. Everyday.

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